How do fire corals in the Caribbean grow when other corals disappear?

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How do fire corals in the Caribbean grow when other corals disappear?

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Fire corals could be the bane of a diver's existence. Accidental brushing can be painful. But they may help save coral reefs in the Caribbean. which has been affected by hurricanes, global warming, disease and abundant algae Long-term studies have revealed that fire coral (Millepora) thrives there even

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when other corals are gone and can help maintain some of the 3D environments that help make reefs home to fish and life. other Colleen Bove, a marine ecologist at Boston University. A person who was not involved in the work said the fire coral "will be a very important habitat. Because they can survive under these stresses.

Thirty years ago, Peter Edmunds began his annual underwater life survey outside of St. John, one of the US Virgin Islands. Marine biologists from California State University Northridge marked a 20 meter intersection along an underwater reef. Every summer he photographs things that grow there. including a cross section that extends 40 meters