Rogue rocket's lunar crash site discovered by NASA's probe

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Rogue rocket's lunar crash site discovered by NASA's probe

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at the beginning of this year Astronomers have determined that the mysterious rocket body is about to hit the lunar surface on March 4. Their calculations suggest that the impact will occur within the Hertz Spring Crater, which is 354 miles (570 kilometers) wide in range. far side of the moon

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Their math is on the money. Turns out, researchers with NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) mission announced last night (June 23) that the spacecraft had found a new crater in the Hertzsprung, almost the home of a rogue rocket.

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In fact, LRO images show that the impact caused two craters. The east pit, approximately 59 feet (18 m) wide, overlaps the west pit approximately 16 m wide.