Spanish Airlines has booked 10 Airlanders from Bedford-based firms.

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Spanish Airlines has booked 10 Airlanders from Bedford-based firms.

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The company behind Airlander says it has received its first commercial order from the airline group.

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Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) said Europe-based Air Nostrum Group had booked 10 Airlander aircraft for delivery since 2026.HAV, which develops the Airlander at Cardington Airport in Bedfordshire, is expected to begin production in South Yorkshire.

The company says 1,800 jobs will be created as a result of interest.HAV says Airlander 10 will reduce flight emissions by up to 90 percent for travel across Air Nostrum's regional routes in Spain.

Airships that are high up using helium and electricity. Commissioned to accommodate 100 people.According to the HAV website, hybrid aircraft fly due to aerodynamic lift (e.g. aircraft), gas lift (e.g. airship), and vector thrust. (similar to a helicopter)